Pillowed Master Pentultimate

Pillowed Master Pentultimate 3d printed Personalize your own
Due to the high number of parts, the model for this product exceeds the limit set by shapeways, and the ordering for this puzzle can only be done through the backdoor meathod. This involves using the co-creator function to notify me that an order has been made.

When you purchase the puzzle, you have the option of buying a do it yourself kit, or an assembled puzzle. The diy kit only includes the parts for the puzzle, it does not include stickers, or screws. If you purchase an assembled puzzle, the puzzle will be shipped to you assembled, stickered, broken in, lubed, and ready to play. Either option you choose, I reccomend getting a black puzzle, because over time, the white material will absorb very small amounts of dust/dirt and will become discolored.

To order An assembled/finished puzzle, please send me an email at gingervergo at gmail dot com. The DIY kits are shipped to you directly by Shapeways (you will make payment to Shapeways). The assembled puzzles are shipped to you by me (you will make payment to me).

DIY White: $199
DIY Black: $ 221
Assembled (either color): $275
(these prices do not include any taxes/import fees that you may have to pay)

cm: 4.992 w x 4.992 d x 4.992 h
in: 1.965 w x 1.965 d x 1.965 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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