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Five Tetrahedra Small

Five Tetrahedra Small 3d printed Art Mathematical Art Colored by hand with magic markers.
Colored by hand with magic markers.
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


A smaller version of Five Intersecting Tetrahedra without an icosahedron inside.  There is just enough space between the pieces that it will print as 5 separate objects.  The edge length of the tetrahedron is 5cm, it stands 5.7 cm high.  Without the inner icosa, this version will allow more movement of the pieces.  I have also rounded the tetrahedra corners so they aren't so sharp.

The photos show the model printed in white and colored by hand using fine point felt-tipped pens.  I inserted small pieces of paper to protect the other pieces while coloring one, I was somewhat successful.  I was able to color each piece completely on the outside, but I didn't try to color the insides as you can see in the photos.


IN: 2.299 w x 2.299 d x 2.299 h
CM: 5.84 w x 4.778 d x 5.584 h