Deskpet Robot Body

Deskpet Robot Body 3d printed Robotics Miniatures Printed and motors mounted
Printed and motors mounted
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  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Robot body for GM10 motors and wheels from Solarbotics or Pololu. The part was made to be easily reproduced with a one-part silicone mold. Be sure to use Transparent Detail if you plan to make a mold.

I have purchased the part in WSF and verified fit of the motors. There is a tiny bit of trimming necessary to fit the motors, but nothing difficult. You will also need to drill a small hole in the bottom front to use as a caster (see assembly model).

A preliminary PCB is available at (in Cadsoft Eagle format), or use a Baby Orangutan controller.


IN: 1.797 w x 1.797 d x 1.797 h
CM: 4.564 w x 4.826 d x 2.858 h