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NQB 1: Pixel

NQB 1: Pixel 3d printed Mirrored WSF
Mirrored WSF
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  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Love is tricky business. Some people break your heart, and others heal it completely. For those who are still in between, comes the not quite broken series. These hearts that are almost, but not quite, broken symbolize love in a state of repair. 

NQB 1: Pixel is a blocky, simplistic heart with a random, almost pixellated deformation. This love has been shifted up, down, and all around, yet retained its basic shape. This model is meant to be worn as a pendant, though it could make a unique ornament to decorate with. 


IN: 0.891 w x 0.891 d x 0.891 h
CM: 2.262 w x 1.6 d x 2.268 h