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3D fractal L.E.D Candleshade:Pointy Shells 19cm7in

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


3D fractal sculpture / L.E.D candleshade: 'Pointy Shells'. The L.E.D Candle (light source) itself is not included. Shapeways 3D prints this small lightshade designed for an L.E.D candle. Please don't use with real candles. If you would like an L.E.D candle shipped separately from unellenu please contact unellenu(at) (& advise your Shapeways order number for the unellenu candleshade). A smaller version is also available


IN: 7.48 w x 7.48 d x 7.48 h
CM: 18.998 w x 19.24 d x 15.97 h