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D32 Sphere Dice

D32 Sphere Dice 3d printed Mathematical Art Dice In Alumide
In Alumide
  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.


Truncated Sphere D32, regular edition.
Based on an idea from Orangery.

The underlying polyhedron is a non-uniform icosidodecahedron (a kind of polyhedral soccer ball).

The distance between two faces is 30mm. The thickness is 1.5mm but it is full of support material to keep it heavy.

It is numbered from 1 to 32 with the difference between two numbers on opposite faces being always 16.
If you take the sum of a face surrounded by 5 neighbours (there are twelve of them, that corespond to pentagons on the underlying polyhedron i.e. before the intersection with a sphere) and its 5 surrounding faces you will always obtain 99.

More informations this post and this other post.

See also the Frosted Edition (20 mm only in Frosted Detail and Frosted Ultra Detail).


IN: 1.235 w x 1.235 d x 1.235 h
CM: 3.138 w x 3.002 d x 3.166 h