9cm Fractal lace, intricate spirals pendant

9cm Fractal lace, intricate spirals pendant 3d printed Art Jewelry
Large version of the 'Fractal Lace' pendant .
The fractal is approximately 8.5cm in height plus the loop at the top.

Also a  4.5cm version and a 6cm version of this pendant are available.
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The unellenu store on shapeways - for designer objects, fractal art, sculpture and jewelry.

unellenu website unellenu.com

 twitter: unellenu http://twitter.com/unellenu

facebook : unellenu jewellery
facebook: unellenu fractal sculpture & homewares

youtube: unellenuhttp://www.youtube.com/unellenu1

cm: 6.912 w x 9.558 d x 1.008 h
in: 2.721 w x 3.763 d x 0.397 h


@lockcity thank you , this is the one that I personally wear most of the time :) janelle / unellenu Your encouraging words make me feel inspired !
August 5, 2013, 12:36 pm
sensational piece!!!
August 5, 2013, 12:18 pm
  • Polished Silver

    Smooth and slightly textured sterling silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.


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