Mecha- Odyssey- Ajax (1/500th)

Mecha- Odyssey- Ajax (1/500th) 3d printed
A 1/500th scale miniature intended for use in BattleTech BattleForce-scale tabletop gaming (comes attached to hex base, no separate purchase necessary). A 20-ton 'Mech with a good balance of speed, firepower, and jump capability. Looks great on a hexmap or even just sitting on a desk. For best results, I recommend any of the Detail materials, particularly the black color.
cm: 1.91 w x 2.03 d x 2.282 h
in: 0.752 w x 0.799 d x 0.898 h


  • White Detail

    Firm white plastic with a smooth surface and rubbery feel.


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