Diagonal Cube Puzzle

Diagonal Cube Puzzle 3d printed Assembled puzzle in hand.
Assembled puzzle in hand.
  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


This is a famous puzzle designed by Stewart Coffin 40 years ago. Wood copies must be made with great accuracy and have become sought-after collectors items selling for several hundred dollars. This leads to the current state of affairs where many people have never even seen this excellent puzzle. I had never seen one, so I exported the pieces from BurrTools and printed out a copy. Now anyone can order an inexpensive copy of this puzzle.

Six pieces, all different, assemble into a cube with side 32mm or about 1.25 inches.

For some reason Shapeways has been unable to dye this model, although as you see I was able to dye it myself with no problems. Thus the model is only available now in Polished White, Strong and Flexible.

BurrTools STL export parameters: Unit Size: 8.0, Bevel: 0.2, Offset: 0.0, Wall Thickness: 1.0, Tubes size: 0.0


IN: 1.244 w x 1.244 d x 1.244 h
CM: 3.16 w x 6.6 d x 4.98 h