Deep Sea Nails: Size 0

Deep Sea Nails: Size 0 3d printed Jewelry Fashion Close Up
Close Up
  • Royal Blue

    Dark blue, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.


These nails are ideal for daytime, parties, costumes, and any short-term occasion. Not meant for extended wear (no more than 3-5 days), although they will last if properly taken care of. See our nail chart for details on sizing. Material: Royal Blue Nylon 12. Packaging Removal: to remove nails from attachment cut with either a nail clipper or scissors as close to the nail as possible, then file accordingly. Application: Thin layer of nail glue (apply as directed by bottle) or thin mounting tape (recommended: Scrapbook Adhesives Power Mounting Tape 1/4") Removal: For glue, brush the perimeter with acetone and gently work beneath nail; use a pick and a gentle hand to assist removal; file residue off of fingernails and repeat for the artificial nails; For tape, gently peel off nails starting from back to front; clean off the mounting tape and residue with acetone.


IN: 0.339 w x 0.339 d x 0.339 h
CM: 0.862 w x 6.4 d x 8.148 h