SSA101 Scarab Attack Cutter

by AotrsCommander
SSA101 Scarab Attack Cutter 3d printed Miniatures SciFi Painted model
Painted model
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

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Saturn Syndicate Ascendancy

Hawkings Astronautics HAM-117 Scarab Attack Cutter

The HAM-117 Scarab Attack Cutter is a common sight in SSA forces, with its distinctive beetle-shape and "ruff" of sensor masts just behind the bridge. The Scarab's durability is considerable for it's size, carrying heavy shields with thick diamium hull plating. Combined with its high speed and agility - as much as many much smaller bombers - the Scarab can survive long enough for the cumulative effect of it's weapons to cause severe damage, even to much larger vessels. The price is that Scarabs carry only a modest weapon load. The primary weapons are two forward astroburster cannons. A rotary tri-barreled particle pellet gun is mounted either side of the bridge in a ball turret, providing anti-fighter and anti-missile protection. These are supplemented by several light hyper-rays blisters to provide coverage in the aft arcs.

Scarabs work in small groups, closing to point-blank range and using wolf-pack tactics to eliminate enemy vessels.

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IN: 0.291 w x 0.942 d x 0.291 h
CM: 0.738 w x 2.392 d x 0.738 h


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I'm absolutely greatful for the responce, Thank You. Yeah I'm not made of money either, but love a good design, when I see one. This should make a nice Heavy Fighter for the scale I collect in. It will be on my next order list. So many post designs, but haven't tested them in any material. Its nice when someone takes an active interest in their designs, it's refreshing. Thank You again for the detailed response. It's helpful when looking at your other designs in your shop, will make shopping thru you simplier.
July 26, 2012, 3:54 pm
The models I have, illustrated above, were printed in Transparent Detial (this was before the price hike last year, when TD was cheaper for small things. I never did get around to re-setting the "recommended materials" on all my model's descriptions...) Given the more stringient material requirements of the latter, I am 100% certain it will print in WSF (and why I set that as the default material). (Barring any of those rare rejection errors that Shapeways sometimes has when ordering a model, but that'd be the same error chance as, well, any model!) I design generally with a 1mm minimum thickness, formerly with an eye for printing in TD before it became too expensive, and as a general safety margin in any case. I only had frosted detail once, a couple of models during the trial when it was cheap, and in the end was singularly unstruck with the material - the finish on some of the models was worse than the WSF in some cases. And it's so fragile, I'm having to replace some of those models with WSF anyway (when it break superglue doesn't even hold it, not even the expensive stuff!) UFD was *waaay* out of my price-range... I allow the latter as materials, because they theoretically *should* print with my models, for them as got more money than ability to tolerate a slightly inferior finish! So yes, under normal, non-extraneous circumstances, any of my stuff should print in WSF. Indeed, now, expecting as I do, everyone is as tight a git as me, I would recommend it!
July 24, 2012, 10:10 pm
Have you tested this in SWF? Or is this only printable in UFD?
July 24, 2012, 8:42 pm


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