F**K the NSA Computer Camera Cover PG-13 4-pack

F**K the NSA Computer Camera Cover PG-13 4-pack 3d printed Accessories Gadgets
Do you have kids? keep it PG-13 with our F**ktheNSA camera Cover..
Do you have a crazy friend or a crazy uncle that used to say that the CIA was spying on them? Did the NSA revelations made you realize that he wasn't so crazy after all? Yes the NSA is spying on your every move.. They have access to your computer history, stored files, email, youtube, porn search history etc. When you think you couldnt be violated anymore now allegations say that the NSA has the ability to turn your computer camera and watch everything you do.
Are you mad yet? do you want to give the NSA a big FU? Well Say hello to our FtheNSA Camera covers...
Give the NSA the Middle finger every time they want to turn on your computer camera with this laptop camera cover. Get one for you and your friends with our 4 pack!.. the more you buy the cheaper they get
cm: 1.19 w x 4.154 d x 3.436 h
in: 0.469 w x 1.635 d x 1.353 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.