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Pod (Colloidal Vessel 101010)

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Inspired by the structure of gelatin and other colloids, this vessel is composed of interlocking shapes which limit the movement of neighboring shapes. This results in a fabric-like surface with a limited range of motion. Although it is roughly spherical, it flexes and shifts into oblong shapes in an organic fashion.

The skin of the vessel acts as a hinge for the opening at the top. The opening is held shut by a 3mm or smaller cord, chain, or string (not included) when it is dangling. There are also depressions built into the lip of the opening for the mounting of rare-earth disc magnets with the specifications found here: The magnets are affixed with a gel-type superglue.

The multicolored Pod shown in pictures above started in White Strong & Flexible and was then dyed with RIT dye in two stages.


IN: 4.724 w x 4.724 d x 4.724 h
CM: 12 w x 11.98 d x 11.978 h