HATE - cuz you're sick of the frikkin' hippies.

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  • Coral Red

    Pinkish red, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.


Sometimes, you've just had enough of the holiday cheer. Forcing smiles, pretending to be nice when all you want to do is whack someone across the head. Or you're like me, who is sick of "religious" people saying that it's a bad thing to hate anyone or anything. Here is my take on Robert Indiana's "LOVE" sculpture, and a big middle finger to anyone who thinks that you're never allowed to hate anyone or anything at any time when sometimes it's a real mitzva.


IN: 1.184 w x 1.184 d x 1.184 h
CM: 3.008 w x 4.042 d x 0.976 h