Neotokyo ring (various sizes)

Neotokyo ring (various sizes) 3d printed Rings Fashion
Size 6 (US) L.5 (UK) Size 6.5 (US) M.5 (UK) Size 7 (US) O (UK) Size 8 (US) Q (UK) Size 9 (US) S (UK) Size 10 (US) U (UK) Size 11 (US) W (UK) Size 12 (US) Y (UK)

Artifact 6: Found in the ruins of Old Tokyo, the explosion symbol on this ring became the defining icon of the NeoTokyo rebuilding project. Default size 9 (US) S (UK)
cm: 2.372 w x 0.862 d x 2.302 h
in: 0.934 w x 0.339 d x 0.906 h


  • Polished Bronze Steel

    Enhanced bronze color, polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.


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