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'NOW' Bangle 70mm diameter

  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


The deconstruction of an old pocket watch that was once worn by every respectable gentlemen and today is seldom seen, into a statement unisex bracelet was chosen as a symbol of it’s time, and of mans changing needs, fashions and of technological advancements. Starting out as an object owned solely by the elite [Queen Elizabeth I was one such person - circa 1571] as hand-crafted piece, the Industrial Revolution made it possible to manufacture in mass-scale, with new process and material making improvements to the design, construction and finish. As a result, this luxurious plaything of only the few became to be owned by the middle, and then, the lower classes [e.g it was an essential item for those working on the railroads where accurate timekeeping was critical]. Here, there is an interesting parallel to Rapid Manufacture and the new opportunities that it offers us.


IN: 1.304 w x 1.304 d x 1.304 h
CM: 3.312 w x 10.746 d x 11.144 h