Paperweight - OK

Paperweight - OK 3d printed Gadgets Desk Toys Rendered image
Rendered image
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


One of my series of paperweights available here:
Question Mark: For that pile of papers you don’t know WTF to do with!
Dollar Sign: Well, we all have bills to pay, right?
ToDo: And, of course, we all have things to do. Great for procrastinators!
Checkmark: And sometimes we get those things done! ... Or we approve things
Big “X” And sometimes we just can’t approve of things, no matter what!
OK: Yep, another pile of papers approved
IN: Documents in...
OUT: ...and documents out; unless they get a big question mark paperweight put on top!


IN: 0.553 w x 0.553 d x 0.553 h
CM: 1.404 w x 5.096 d x 5.098 h