Horned Demonic Skull, Matilda

Horned Demonic Skull, Matilda 3d printed Art Desk Toys
A small (less than 6cm in diameter) demon skull. This piece was designed as a shamanistic staff head, complete with engraved runes. The shape of the skull skull is inspired by depictions of demonic imps, both in classic literature and modern art(especially Peter V. Bretts description of Alagai in his novels). Since the model is hollowed out it is actually able to function as a real headpiece for a larpers or cosplayers staff, even in its color sandstone version. Speaking of which the color texture is entirely handpainted to achieve a style simmilar to the one used by many miniature wargamers. The idea for this came from a conversation with a friend. She has a "pet skull" hand sculpted in clay, named Zdzislaw, that she considered to be sad up on the shelf by his lonesome. So we (my wife and I) came up with Matilda to keep him company. Enjoy.
cm: 5.834 w x 4.696 d x 5.244 h
in: 2.297 w x 1.849 d x 2.065 h


  • Sandstone

    Delicate and grainy, with a coarse finish and sand-like color.


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