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bheard sound pod

  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


A lightweight amplifier for your phone, the bheard sound pod enhances the highs, mids and lows of your audio. Use it to amp up your music during a party or when your friend's on speakerphone. The bheard sound pod is portable enough to bring your tunes to the next level wherever you go, whether it's during a picnic or when you're in the shower.

Material: 3D printed in nylon or alumide (aluminum & nylon)
Dimensions: 3.2" w x 3.2" d x 3.0" h
Weight: 0.6 oz in nylon, 0.8 oz in alumide

3D printed as one piece.


IN: 3.228 w x 3.228 d x 3.228 h
CM: 8.2 w x 8.224 d x 7.646 h