'NOW' Bangle 67mm diameter

'NOW' Bangle 67mm diameter 3d printed Jewelry Fashion
The deconstruction of an old pocket watch that was once worn by every respectable gentlemen and today is seldom seen, into a statement unisex bracelet was chosen as a symbol of it’s time, and of mans changing needs, fashions and of technological advancements. Starting out as an object owned solely by the elite [Queen Elizabeth I was one such person - circa 1571] as hand-crafted piece, the Industrial Revolution made it possible to manufacture in mass-scale, with new process and material making improvements to the design, construction and finish. As a result, this luxurious plaything of only the few became to be owned by the middle, and then, the lower classes [e.g it was an essential item for those working on the railroads where accurate timekeeping was critical]. Here, there is an interesting parallel to Rapid Manufacture and the new opportunities that it offers us.
cm: 3.162 w x 10.258 d x 10.638 h
in: 1.245 w x 4.039 d x 4.188 h


  • White Strong & Flexible Polished

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.