Fuselage Upgrade Kit for DJI Phantom 1

by BrianSelfDesign
Fuselage Upgrade Kit for DJI Phantom 1 3d printed Mechanical parts Robotics DJI Phantom with The Fuselage Upgrade Kit in flight with Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal and Go Pro Hero3 Black onboard. (20 cm UltraLight Landing Gear, Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal and GoPro sold separately.)
DJI Phantom with The Fuselage Upgrade Kit in flight with Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal and Go Pro Hero3 Black onboard. (20 cm UltraLight Landing Gear, Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal and GoPro sold separately.)
Not For Sale
Check out the all-new NEW Phantom Ultra 1 Upgrade Kit for DJI Phantom 1 now in Beta! With almost 30 minutes of flight time, 20 minutes with a gimbal, your Phantom 1 will exceed the capabilities of the DJI Phantom 2 - without proprietary batteries!


Fuselage Upgrade Kit for DJI Phantom 1 (Tarot / GoPro Hero 3 Model)


Ultra-Lightweight (45 grams) Integrated Tarot-Compatible GoPro Hero 3 Gimbal Mount, Second Oversized Battery Bay and Large Vertical Double-Bay Battery Door are included. An optional Video Transmitter Tray is available but sold separately.

The Fuselage Upgrade Kit for the DJI Phantom weighs just 45 grams and realizes the unfinished promise in the original Phantom. The Fuselage Upgrade Kit costs about the same as a battery for the Vision 2, yet it offers enhanced capabilities for your Phantom's that will allow it to exceed many of the capabilities of even the new Vision 2. Unlike the Vision 2, you can choose components you like - including the Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal and GoPro Hero3 Camera - at a much lower cost – to create a configuration that will meet your specific needs.

So whether you are a current Phantom owner, or you want to outfit a brand new Phantom with a full range of new upgraded capabilities - you can do it for less than the original Phantom owners paid for their Phantoms - and spend far less than for the new Vision 2. The Fuselage Upgrade Kit transforms the Phantom into what it should have been in the first place. With the Fuselage Upgrade Kit the Phantom becomes a solid video platform, out-performing your original Phantom, perfect for your Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal* and GoPro Hero 3 Camera*, with almost twice the flight time as a stock Phantom to finally get the video you've been after. It even has a space reserved inside for an optional snap-in Video Transmitter Tray to hold a range of popular video transmitters. (The Video Transmitter Tray is sold separately, and may require some customization of The Fuselage Upgrade Kit.) The optional Video Transmitter Tray is sold here.

Feature and Benefits
• The Fuselage Upgrade Kit lets you finally integrate all your DJI Phantom components together in a single ultra-lightweight internal fuselage design
• Integrated Mount for Tarot 2-Axis Camera Gimbal* for GoPro Hero 3 Cameras*
• Oversized Second Battery Bay provides room for large batteries, and allows easy stowage of connecting cables and battery wires
• Snap-together design requires no tools for pre-assembly
• Low center of gravity provides excellent balance and flight characteristics
• Low camera mount design keeps props out of the video in all but the most aggressive flight maneuvers reducing post-production and utilizing your GoPro's full capabilities
• The Fuselage Upgrade Kit's aerodynamic internal second battery bay design does not restrict or impede the thrust generated by the props as other two-battery configurations may do, and helps maximize efficiency and flight times

Longer Flight Times
• Second Oversized Battery Bay with Large Battery Bay Door Assembly allows parallel battery connections for extended range and flight time.
- Flight time tested over 17 minutes with the Fuselage Upgrade Kit using twin 2200 mah Turnigy batteries flying without gimbal and camera. (Results may vary depending on altitude, ambiant temperature and flying style.)
- Flight time tested at over 13 minutes with Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal and GoPro Hero 3 Camera onboard also using twin 2200 mah Turnigy batteries. (Results may vary depending on altitude, ambiant temperature and flying style.)
• At just 45 grams, The Fuselage Upgrade Kit for the DJI Phantom is ultra-lightweight. For comparison, the Phantom's stock battery weighs 172 grams, and a GoPro Hero battery weighs 25 grams and a GoPro Hero 3 with battery weighs 76 grams. The Vision 2's battery weighs in at 360 grams.

Lower Costs
• Using low-cost standard 2200 mah batteries you can economically purchase as much flight time as is needed, reducing the total cost of operation
• Balanced design almost doubles flight times when compared to a single battery of the same brand. Longer flight time means fewer take-offs and landings to exchange batteries, yielding more usable and uninterrupted flight time.
• Longer flight times provides greater safety margins and flexibility while shooting
• Fits stock 2200 mah batteries. (Larger batteries up to 2800 mah will fit comfortably in The Fuselage Upgrade Kit's Oversized Battery Bay (lower bay), but are tight in the stock battery bay. Longer flight times are possible with this configuration.)
• Optional Video Transmitter Tray (sold separately) snaps into The Fuselage Upgrade Kit to provide protected space within the bay for your favorite video transmitter. The Video Transmitter Tray has easy access to power supplies and onboard video camera cables

Parts Not Included
• 1 qty 3M 6mm hex-head screw to fasten The Fuselage Upgrade Kit to the Phantoms back camera mount
• 8 qty 3M 8mm hex-head screws to fasten The Fuselage Upgrade Kit's struts to the four landing gear mounts. The 8mm length is suitable for fastening The Phantom Upgrade Kit and the 20 cm UltraLight Landing Gear to the Phantom.
• 1 qty XT60 Parallel Y-Adapter to join the two batteries together.

Recommended Tools
• 2.0 Hex-head screwdriver with long shaft (Fastening The Fuselage Upgrade Kit to the Phantom)
• Small-tipped Philips-head screwdriver (Fastening the Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal's circuit board back on the gimbal after installation.)
• Long-nose needle nose pliers (Guide screws into place and hold metal collar fasteners on the Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal while screws are tightened.)

• 20 cm UltraLight Landing Gear (sold separately) is specifically designed to provide optimal clearance for a Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal and Go Pro Hero 3 when mounted to The Fuselage Upgrade Kit. The 20 cm UltraLight Landing Gear weighs only 10 grams more than the stock landing gear and comes ready-to-fly - requires no additional parts or modifications of the Phantom. The 20 cm UltraLight Landing Gear provides outstanding weight-savings, durability, flexibility and steadiness when landing your Phantom

Instructions Download
Fuselage Upgrade Pre-Assembly Instructions - Instructions to assemble fuselage components before installing them on your DJI Phantom
Door Assembly Installation Instructions - Instructions on how to replace the stock door and door assembly with The Fuselage Upgrade Kit's new door and door assembly
Fuselage Installation Instructions - Instructions on how to install The Fuselage Upgrade Kit on your DJI Phantom
First Flight Setup Instructions - A guide to prepare your upgraded Phantom for its first flight

Safety Warnings
• While every effort has been made to insure the highest quality, and correct instructions, Brian Self Design provides the kit as-is. By installing the Fuselage Upgrade Kit, you agree that you remain fully responsibility for the airworthiness, safe operation and use of the DJI Phantom upgraded with The Fuselage Upgrade Kit. Each pilot must verify the safety of their aircraft prior to take-off and maintain safe operations during flight. If at any time a concern develops about the airworthiness of a craft, it is the recommendation of Brian Self Design that the aircraft be grounded until all matters are fully resolved before flights resume.

• Brian Self Design cannot be responsible for any accidental damage that may occur to the Phantom or parts during installation.

* Tarot 2-Axis Camera Gimbal and GoPro Hero 3 Camera, not included. 8 qty, 3M 8mm screws not included. 1 qty, 3M 6mm screw not included.


IN: 3.569 w x 2.453 d x 5.184 h
CM: 9.064 w x 6.23 d x 13.168 h


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Henrik, Thanks for your kind words. I spent so much time dialing a solution in for myself, I thought others, like yourself, would benefit from it. Your photo didn't come through, but I'd be curious to see what you're using. (Sometimes people misspell my name.) The first test set of UltraLight 20cm Landing Gear came back from Shapeways 25% lighter than I expected - and lighter than the stock landing gear - but didn't match the strength I'd achieved with prototypes here. So I'm reprinting them with some minor modifications and hopefully they will be ready in a few weeks.
December 28, 2013, 12:27 am
@BrianSelfDesign Hi again I understand, but I still think your design is fantastic - the best on the marked for 2 batteries. The landing gear is always a problem. My landing gear is 20 cm, so I think it will be ok. If it will give me problems with the Zenmuse I will order a Tarot and use the Zenmuse on my F550. Thanks for your fast reply. I have send you a picture of my landing gear - "shoulders" of carbon. //Henrik
December 27, 2013, 10:20 pm
Henrik, Take a look at one of the photos in the optional Video Transmitter Tray, you'll see a closeup of the inside of the Fuselage Upgrade Kit. You'll notice the bottom is open to allow for easy assembly and to route wires internally for the Tarot gimbal. Unfortunately, I don't have a Zenmuse gimbal to use as a guide, since I returned it back in July. If I recall, though, the Zenmuse uses the stock hole pattern (2 screws) on the bottom of the Phantom. Because of the way it mounts on the Phantom, the Zenmuse gimbal would tend to be shifted back (aft) a little more on the craft, than the Tarot 2-Axis gimbal. The Tarot mounting holes on the Fuselage Upgrade Kit are positioned so that the UltraLight 20cm Landing Gear (coming soon) and the Phantom's props almost never appear in your video - except when performing the most aggressive maneuvers. I would not be able to verify the performance of the Zenmuse, myself. If you email me, I could keep your information handy to beta test a future version designed specifically for the Zenmuse. brianself@hotmail.com Thank you for your interest!
December 27, 2013, 7:24 pm
@BrianSelfDesign Thanks, I agree, but I have already 2 Zenmuse. I have ordered the fuselage and will try to rebuild it so it fits to my gimbal (or just ordet a Tarot). // Henrik
December 27, 2013, 6:54 pm
@henrikjust This version of the Fuselage Upgrade Kit is not compatible with the Zenmuse gimbal. The hole pattern on this model is specifically for the Tarot 2-Axis gimbal. I have considered a Zenmuse version, and may develop one if there is sufficient demand. My initial experience with the Zenmuse gimbal was exceptionally poor, due to early manufacturing issues that were not well supported by DJI. It was noisy out of the box, and only worked a single flight. I was fortunate to be able to return it. I switched to the Tarot system and have found it to be very reliable. I've actually purchased two, both have been performed very well - at a fraction of the cost.
December 27, 2013, 5:33 pm
Is it possible to Mount a Zenmuse/Gopro under the Fuselage Kit? Regards Henrik
December 25, 2013, 3:32 pm


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