Universal Wrist Device

Universal Wrist Device 3d printed Accessories SciFi Preview render showing two clips in portrait and landscape mode.
Preview render showing two clips in portrait and landscape mode.
Not For Sale
Inspired by all the I-design, I opted for something a little different:
Meet the Universal Wrist Device, made from U's for you.

Turn any phone into a wrist-mounted device!
Yes, finally a real com-device like the ones pictured in Sci-fi! ;-)

Arbitrary rotation of the device, use your device in portrait or landscape mode.

An Ideal way to keep the phone nearby but your hands free.
Comes in handy during hiking and biking, but also in your work-shop or kitchen.

The model is printed as two parts that click together.
And both are customizable for their own purpose!

Eh, what?

Well, currently shown:
A wrist clip and the holder for my phone; a SE Vivaz.
The phone can easily be turned to landscape or portrait mode.

But the wrist clip could be tailored to your wrist. And the holder to your phone !

So do you have a phone starting with an I or something completely different?
No worries, U can design your own clip :-)
(more info on this later)

But wait, you don't need a wrist clip, but something different?
To clip onto your bicycle, car, cat, wife?
Anything is possible !
(more info on this later)

The current coupling design should easily click into place.
It has enough resistance to stay put, but allows the device to be rotated to an arbitrary position.

But why?
Because I needed something like this :-)


IN: 4.236 w x 4.236 d x 4.236 h
CM: 10.76 w x 5.402 d x 6.746 h


This is a very old model, it's not even for sale and was for personal use. But what seems to be the problem?
August 10, 2012, 6:10 am
hello i will be will cool about this idea that i have a patent for. Why are u trying to make i device that i have reg wil the pto?
August 10, 2012, 5:22 am