LED Candelabra

by Whystler
LED Candelabra 3d printed Art Sculptures Here is the candelabra shown next to a moon shade (sold separately), and fitted with an LED bulb and battery. The bulb and battery are not supplied.
Here is the candelabra shown next to a moon shade (sold separately), and fitted with an LED bulb and battery. The bulb and battery are not supplied.
Here is a tower-like candelabra, which has a housing for an LED and coin battery (both supplied by purchaser). While the piece is lovely and interesting on its own, a shade is available, sold separately, in the shop to diffuse the light and provide more character.

Directions for assembly:

When you look at the housing where the coin battery slips in, you will notice that there are three supports that define this space. Two look the same, and one looks a little different. Let's call the one that looks different the "back support".

Get yourself an a standard 5mm LED. Any colour is good - your choice. For the brightest, I would recommend a super bright white or an ultra bright white. But for fun, know that blue and green LED's look very nice with the moon shade if you have bought it also :) Notice that one of the wires coming from the LED is longer. This is the "positive" wire.

Insert the wires of the LED down through the top hole in the candelabra, and wrap the "positive" wire around the "back support" taking care that it is placed so that it will only touch the battery at this place and no other.

Bend the other wire in a such a way that it will touch only the topside of the battery.

Get yourself a 2cm diameter, 3 volt coin battery. The ones I use are described by this code: CR2025. Insert this battery, negative side up, into the LED Candelabra housing.

Your Candelabra should immediately turn on nicely! Note that you can slide the battery slightly away from the back support and this will turn the light out.

If you have purchased the shade, this is very easy to twist on. Simply drop the shade down allowing its slots to slide over the three housing supports. Then twist the shade to secure it fits tightly.




IN: 9.249 w x 2.182 d x 2.488 h
CM: 23.492 w x 5.542 d x 6.32 h


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@Whystler wow, that is more expensive than I thought. I was hoping that this would work with the "white strong and flexible" material, but the truth is I have never actually seen/felt that material in person, but I take your word that it would not be strong enough. Hopefully there will be stronger and cheaper materials available for 3d print in the near future so that 3d print furniture can be competitive with traditional furniture. i really want to make affordable 3d print ikea style furniture with lego style snap together pieces :-) In 20 years 3d printers my be as common and affordable as laser jet printers so instead of ordering a piece of furniture that is shipped to them people would the 3d file and then print it out at their home. That would be cool.
January 25, 2013, 10:19 pm
@vivalaevolucion yikes, it's more like $400 base cost for one stainless steel metal leg made of three twisted 5mm wires, 1 5mm ring - 10 cm in diameter at the bottom, and two 5mm rings - each 2cm in diameter - one in the middle and one at the top. This is a very minimal structure that may not be sturdy enough for one leg.
January 25, 2013, 9:56 pm
@vivalaevolucion hmm, I'm not sure that the material would support a coffee table and things that go on top of a coffee table. If it were printed in metal, then yes, but then I assume it would be very expensive. If it were a glass topped table, where the glass is supported by three or four self supporting legs, what cost do you think the market would bear for each leg? $200 per leg? a $600-$800 table before the cost of glass?
January 25, 2013, 9:15 pm
Excellent design. I believe this could be altered and used as a leg for coffee table (so using 4 of these to support a coffee table and have each leg fit into a table top, which would also have to be made out of several pieces).. Any thoughts?
January 25, 2013, 7:57 pm


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