Mag Wheels V2

Mag Wheels V2 3d printed Model trains Vehicles
Some nice mag wheels for the Mopar Muscle car. 1/87 scale. A mistake on my part has been corrected. Old model refuses to accept the corrected file and I had to upload it as a new model. I've opened this for FD & FUD materials, but they are much more costly, but will give a nice smooth finish to the tires. Due to copy casters having already attempted to steal my work, this design has flaws that can't be removed. Respect the work, don't copy cast. Markup has not been applied to this model for the holidays.
cm: 0.898 w x 1.452 d x 0.77 h
in: 0.354 w x 0.572 d x 0.303 h


Not For Sale