Rhino Pendant - Head

Rhino Pendant - Head 3d printed Sculptures Pendants
The underlying symbolic theme of the rhinoceros is made of paradoxes: "things are not as they seem". Although the rhino is known to display aggressive behavior, for the most part it is a passive creature - preferring to roam its wide-open grassy spaces in contemplative solitude.
The rhino is a creature of substance, stamina and explosive power. His intimate connection with the earth that makes it a symbol for confidence and steadiness.
This design reflects both the massive-passive aspect of the animal and also his underlying internal energy and explosiveness through the flowing lines that makes this model.

This design is available in three different version : a detailled head, one small entire Rhino model and a LARGER one.

© [Designs by Genghis] [2014]
All Rights Reserved
cm: 2.042 w x 1.284 d x 1.706 h
in: 0.804 w x 0.506 d x 0.672 h


  • Raw Brass

    Pure brass in its natural state with a slightly rough antique finish.


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