Peineta Okichtli Malintzin

Peineta Okichtli Malintzin 3d printed Jewelry Fashion
Okitchli = Man in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. This haircomb is part of the two biggest in this collection. It is the opposite of the Woman haircomb, and in this case, it is has the Flower of life center, the seed, and acumulation, the work. Height 25cms, width 17cms, thickness, 0.25cms, fork height 7cms aprox.
cm: 13.482 w x 23.504 d x 2.882 h
in: 5.308 w x 9.254 d x 1.135 h


  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.