Peineta Quetzalcoatl Malintzin

Peineta Quetzalcoatl Malintzin 3d printed Jewelry Fashion
Quetzalcoatl haircomb. The feather Serpent, the God of the Aztecs. Malintzin . Comes from the Nathuatl, language of The Aztecs. Our lastest designs come from the clash of two cultures. All the passion and force of the Spaniard Conquerors against La Malinche's ancestral and exotic lands. Aztec ornaments and Religious iconography foretell the story of La Malinche. Height 19cms Width 15cms, Thickness 0.25cms
cm: 14.356 w x 19.118 d x 2.524 h
in: 5.652 w x 7.527 d x 0.994 h


  • White Detail

    Firm white plastic with a smooth surface and rubbery feel.