Pandov Chess Black Set

  • Black

    Black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


"The game of chess involves a patterned push and pull of decisions and plays on the checkered board; the Pandov Chess Set expresses this tension in a dynamic way though the sculptural treatment of the contemporary pieces. Lucian Popescu's 3D-printed figurines come to resemble both human and inanimate forms with distinctive silhouettes on either side. The bits within the white collection have a lightness about them, especially evident in the look of the king and queen. Their slender forms wear flaring robes, while their dark opponents remain top-heavy. While the light ones lift, the black ones sink. There is a beautiful challenging balance that occurs physically between the rival armies of the Pandov Chess Set that elegantly expresses the nature of the logic game." Amelia Roblin


IN: 5.36 w x 5.36 d x 5.36 h
CM: 13.614 w x 6.718 d x 14.114 h