1971 MOPAR MUSCLE 'ROADRUNNER' 3d printed Model trains Vehicles
1971 Plymouth Satellite Roadrunner. What else is there to be said. Pure old school muscle car. "Wanna drag race?" LOL We have a tire set for this, check our shop for the 'Mag Wheel' set. Though we may come out with several different sets of tires for this over time. This is 1/87 HO scale. This is hollow, to reduce cost. Also for the holidays we have not put a markup on this yet. This prints without issues in WSF, but we have decided to open this for FD material. Due to copy casters out there who have already tried stealing our hard work, the nose was designed in a way to make it just that much harder to copy cast, plus a few errors were put back in that can't be removed. Respect the work, don't copy cast. Our test print arrived and we noticed some minor errors that we didn't like, those have now been corrected and this beast should now be perfect. It appears an issue was found preventing this from the WSF materials. We'll get this fixed as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience.
cm: 2.332 w x 5.9 d x 1.44 h
in: 0.918 w x 2.323 d x 0.567 h


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