Star Tetrahedron double-pack #Color #M

Star Tetrahedron double-pack #Color #M 3d printed Sculptures Puzzles
28 seeds / 72 rods #Color #M-size + 4 seeds / 8 rods extra.

Buy one for yourself, one for a friend and save money!
Or build yourself a Star Tetrahedron and a Vector Equilibrium.

The Star Tetrahedron is one of the platonic solids and is formed by pointing 8 tetrahedrons outwards, or 2 bigger tetrahedrons mirroring each other in perfect balans. The 2-tone designs consists of an equal amount of seeds and rods in the same color.

The Vector Equilibrium is formed by pointing 8 tetrahedrons inwards, the exact opposite of the Star Tetrahedron, using the same amount of rods but needs 1 seed less.

Sankakkei Star Tetrahedron Seed #M-series.
Size: ø 11 mm with ø 3 mm holes - The ‘Star Tetrahedron’ seed enables you to build the Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Star Tetrahedron, Vector Equilibrium, Isotropic Vector Matrix and the 64-Tetrahedron Cube or any other structure with tetrahedronal angles and axis.

Sankakkei Rods #M-series.
Size: ø 3 mm with a length of 6 cm.

Note: Although I'm very pleased with the service and quality Shapeways and 3D-printing has to offer, this is still a prototype product and will be perfected in factory production and completed with a stylized packaging.

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cm: 6.718 w x 8.624 d x 5 h
in: 2.645 w x 3.395 d x 1.969 h


  • Coral Red Strong & Flexible Polished

    Pinkish red, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.