HiLO X Grip for iPod Touch 5

HiLO X Grip for iPod Touch 5 3d printed Accessories
Designed to increase your grip and decrease the chance of a drop. An extreme style but still protecting in the unlikely event of a drop. iPod Touch5 case with a snap fit for the HiLO Lens camera lens. Remove the tacky pad from your HiLO Lens to expose the snap fit connector. This case is similar to the HiLO X Case for iPhone5 and you can see more photos on that product page.
cm: 6.156 w x 0.92 d x 12.628 h
in: 2.424 w x 0.362 d x 4.972 h


Not happy with this.The Hilo lens will not align with the lens on the iPod. About 1/3rd of the image is blacked out. The only way it will work is if I force the arm with the attached lens outward and hold it. I have yet to get a usable photo. Because the sticky pad was removed so the lens would snap into the grip, I now have a pad that will not work, and 80.00 worth lens, grip and shipping just sitting there.
4 hours ago
  • Royal Blue Strong & Flexible Polished

    Dark blue, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.