Dracula's pendant

Dracula's pendant 3d printed Art Pendants
a pendant inspired by Dracula a character who had an impact on everyone's lives; whether it be hearing the stories or seeing all the new vampire movies non of it would not have happen if it was not for Dracula.

The middle has a place to fit a gem or even a piece of paper that is red to give it that blood feeling; holding up what ever you put inside is the teeth like objects to keep everything from falling out. the shape is based on what Dracula comes from Vlad the impaler's crest on the top of his head; it is not exactly like it just the triangle.
cm: 10.334 w x 1.268 d x 10.354 h
in: 4.069 w x 0.499 d x 4.076 h


  • Satin Black Ceramics

    Muted black ceramic with a matte, smooth finish. Food-safe.