Human Skull -- Small (Material Cost Optimized)

Human Skull -- Small (Material Cost Optimized) 3d printed Robotics Desk Toys
Human skull based on 3d scanned medical data. This is my most cost efficient, print validated build adhering to wall thickness minimums (.7mm) for Strong and Flexible material. The model comes in two parts, lower jaw and upper skull to allow for animatronic applications. Good job Shapeways at selecting the material and sintering robots. The detail and strength of the Strong and Flexible is very impressive even at such thin wall dimensions.
cm: 4.934 w x 6.652 d x 6.36 h
in: 1.943 w x 2.619 d x 2.504 h


  • Royal Blue Strong & Flexible Polished

    Dark blue, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.


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