A complex thing...

by emansipater
A complex thing... 3d printed Art Accessories Here is a shot of the top. The letters spell V-I-C-K, my S.O., and J-E-F-F is me. But what funny little tabs. Whatever could they be there for?
Here is a shot of the top. The letters spell V-I-C-K, my S.O., and J-E-F-F is me. But what funny little tabs. Whatever could they be there for?
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What is Love? It is complex and mysterious. So simple and beautiful, yet with rich and intriguing details. It can be appreciated from a distance, but it begs for closer examination. It mesmerizes us, confuses us, awes us. Love is personal, and yet public. It is changeless in nature, yet it takes so many different forms and configurations. In some ways we can grasp the essence of it in a moment, yet in others it will still bewilder us after prolonged inspection. Love offers much, but demands much as well. Smooth in some places, rough in others, the more we learn about it the more we want to unlock its secrets. To do so we will have to jump through its hoops, hold on through its twists and turn--even when it spins us upside down--and put in the time and effort to build it into our lives. Love is strong, fundamental, and constant: it touches all elements of our being. And if you light a fire under it, it will keep going forever.

"A complex and mysterious thing..." is my attempt to bring some of these ideas together into a physical metaphor for this most basic of human emotions and fundamental of truths. Part puzzle box, part gift(don''''''''t tell my girlfriend), part sculpture, I have tried to stay true to all these different facets while retaining coherence, simplicity, and beauty in the result. Like the emotion it embodies, this sculpture has brought out my inner artist, my inner geek, and my inner child. I juggled ideas for this contest during my holidays, but this one only really took form at the beginning of this month, so I have completed it in 10 days, in between my day job and other commitments. I hope my relationships and other priorities haven''''''''t suffered too much :) . But even if this form never sees actualization, which would make me sad, the experience of creating it has been incredible for me. I have enjoyed the way so many little things fell neatly into place, with the result emerging much more on its own energy than because of anything I put in. And the end result, especially with the possibility of its actual incarnation, is extremely exciting for me. This has truly been a labour of love.

I beg your forgiveness in advance, because in my time zone it is now very early in the morning, and I am scheduled to work a 13-hour day tomorrow, so I have not had time to upload any extra pictures or add explanations of my model''''''''s details. I also gave the model the wrong orientation when I did my final rescaling. I hope to correct that and add more details here as I am able. Once again, I apologise.

But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this "complex and mysterious thing". After all, sometimes mystery is itself part of the point :) .


p.s. to print, choose http://www.shapeways.com/model/23570/a_complex_thing_laid_out_for_printing.html instead.


IN: 1.579 w x 1.575 d x 1.654 h
CM: 4.01 w x 4 d x 4.2 h


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Teaser #2--cough-working steam engine-cough
January 16, 2009, 2:07 pm
Thank you Robert. Unfortunately my export process seems to have tarnished my beautiful NURBS model's flow a little, so if my entry wins I will have to re-export it for a precise, high-quality print. Soon I will upload some screenshots of the model in Sketchup, where I created it, so that people can get a better idea than the preview here, which seems to have taken it upon itself to remodel the sculpture's surface :)
January 15, 2009, 9:36 pm
Teaser --twist and turn it just the right way, and the cube will release components you can build into a stand that can be configured many different ways, according to your choosing. While it sits on its stand, flick it with your finger and it will spin freely. Place it over a candle, though, and then the fun really begins. The cube will slowly start to spin under its own force, and will keep spinning as long as it is left over a heat source. You may have seen other small toys, known as Christmas chimes, which use the hot air draft of a candle to produce motion, but this cube has a smooth and featureless surface and keeps its mysterious method of propulsion to itself as it whirs quietly away.
January 15, 2009, 9:26 pm
Great entry! You stayed true to your philosophy!
January 15, 2009, 9:13 pm


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