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Cat Playing with Toy Mouse

Not For Sale
Update: This print needs to be updated and will be available again shortly

Adorable little kitty pouncing on a toy mouse, made to resemble a client's cat. Stands 2.7 inches tall with base. Check my store for another kitty or two. This is only available in full color.


IN: 2.802 w x 2.802 d x 2.802 h
CM: 7.118 w x 6.86 d x 9.506 h


1/30/14 -- I printed this model twice with no issue, but recently was flagged for thin walls during its first customer order, doh. It may have been that way all along, and a judgement call let it through earlier, or it's possible when I recently updated the model I grabbed the wrong version. It will be available to order again soon. I may have to put a new escape hole hidden in the belly, thicker walls will prevent an escape channel through the back leg under the rug.
January 30, 2014, 4:23 pm