1/144 T-26-4

1/144 T-26-4 3d printed Miniatures Games
T-26-4: artillery tank with enlarged turret armed with the 76.2 mm KT tank gun mod. 1927/32 (some modern sources mention this tank as T-26A, A stands for artilleriysky or "artillery"). The turret of the T-26-4 was quite similar to main turret of the T-28 medium tank. The T-26-4 with the KT tank gun passed tests successfully and five vehicles were built in 1933–1934 as pilot batch. Initially it was planned to arm three of these T-26-4 with the 76.2 mm KT tank gun mod. 1927/32 and the other two tanks with the 76.2 mm PS-3 tank gun. All five experimental T-26-4 artillery tanks were tested during military exercises near Leningrad in September 1934 before scheduled series production of 50 such vehicles in 1935. But on September 19, 1934 an incident with a T-26-4 took place: a blow-back because of shell case destruction during gun fire. Despite the fact that this defect was unrelated to turret design, the military representatives cancelled the order to produce the T-26-4.
cm: 1.688 w x 3.204 d x 2.22 h
in: 0.665 w x 1.261 d x 0.874 h


Great work! Any chance of alternate turrets, such as the regular T-26's?
February 20, 2014, 8:56 am
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