Jigsaw Blade Holder for LM Wave/Charge

Jigsaw Blade Holder for LM Wave/Charge 3d printed Accessories Maker/DIY
I present my jigsaw blade holder, designed to fit into the lanyard attachment on the Leatherman Wave and Charge multitools.
It is designed to hold the 'T-shank' type jigsaw blade securely, but will also hold the other, smaller kind of jigsaw fitting, though not as securely.

To complete the holder assembly; four M3 threads need to be tapped into the top holes and four M3x6mm grub screws installed into these threaded holes which will help secure the blade (not included).

Please be aware that the holder may be quite a tight fit into the multitool to begin with. It should however free up over time.

There are some more photos of this object and other examples of my work, both 3D printed and otherwise, on my 'Tofty' facebook page.
cm: 1.512 w x 3.706 d x 0.946 h
in: 0.595 w x 1.459 d x 0.372 h


  • Stainless Steel

    Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel.


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