Brass Knuckles Ring size 11

Brass Knuckles Ring size 11 3d printed Rings Fashion

Ring Size 11 (US/Canada)

Brass knuckles for your knuckle. Focus all the force of the knucks into a single finger, and marvel at your unstoppable power as you ascend into your planar form.

Really cool ring, I added some studs around to make it even more deadly. It's light, solid, with a variety of metals to choose from. I recommend glossy bronze if you like it rough, or gold-plated brass if bling is your thing (these are the two materials shown in the pictures).

Select a size:

US/Canada Diameter UK/EU/Aus CN/SG/JP Switz/Spain France
Size 6 16.5mm 11 12¾ 51½
Size 7 17.3mm 14 15¼ 54
Size 8 18.1mm 16 17¾ 56½
Size 9 19.0mm 18 19 59
Size 10 19.8mm 20 21½ 61½
Size 11 20.6mm 23 24 64
Rings, Fashion
cm: 2.384 w x 2.378 d x 1.328 h
in: 0.939 w x 0.936 d x 0.523 h


  • Polished Brass

    Pure brass that's hand-polished to a fine sheen.