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Personalized Dog Tag

Personalized Dog Tag 3d printed Jewelry Pendants Picture of the Dog Bone in Violet Purple - Silver Ring Not Included
Picture of the Dog Bone in Violet Purple - Silver Ring Not Included
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  • Violet Purple

    Dark purple, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.



Design Overview:

My dog seems to run away on a weekly basis, at least now I have a dog tag that clearly displays her name and our phone. Protect your dog with this Dog Bone Name Tag.

The Picture of the Dog Tag looks more blue because of the light I had in the room. In normal light, this is definitely purple. I am working on better pictures with this on my dog's collar. She's just camera shy....

You can customize the Dog Tag with your Dog's name and a phone number, which will appear on the back. To give some perspective on overall size, the diameter of a quarter is about 1 inches or 24mm. This pendant is nearly two US quarters wide.

Production Information:

I've purchased this Dog Tag in Violet Purple Strong and Flexible Polished (Nylon). Since then, I increased the Text Height and thickened the part a little.

We've purchased dog tags in the past that were metal and they always annoy me with the jingling noise it makes as my dog runs around the house. Since this is Nylon, I hear nothing.

Product Designer:

This Dog Tag was designed by me, Darren Hartenstine. I perform the updates to a CAD model created for this design. I quickly edit the Text and within minutes upload your Dog's name and a contact number for production.


Custom Dog Tag Set

Large Custom Name Tag

Small Custom Name Tab


IN: 1.787 w x 1.787 d x 1.787 h
CM: 4.538 w x 0.952 d x 2.178 h