Penrose Tiles - 21 fat Rhombs : Part 2 of 2

Penrose Tiles - 21 fat Rhombs : Part 2 of 2 3d printed Art Accessories tiles spread randomly
tiles spread randomly
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Background information:

You need the 13 skinny rhombs too (preferably in an other color) to have a complete set. The tiles are 2mm thick and their edges have a length of 20mm.
The connecting rod is inteded to be cut off.

Results of my testprint in "Strong White and Flexible":
It comes as a wobbly snake and it takes one only five minutes to loosen the parts from the connecting rod.

still wating for the skinny rods


IN: 1.025 w x 1.025 d x 1.025 h
CM: 2.604 w x 1.892 d x 14.288 h


@ Shapeways Team On your notice of unprintability I have blocked the model for Sandstone & Full Color Sandstone. I'm sorry that I didn't consider that this material would be too brittle for the long & thin connector rod in this Model. If you can think of another possibility to keep the Tiles in one batch please tell me. Meanwhile I will order it in some color of Strong & Flexible because the very similar Model, "Penrose Tiles - 13 skinny Rhombs" I've also ordered, seems to have caused no trouble in the Strong & Flexible Material.
July 2, 2010, 10:38 am