Transparent Mandelring

Transparent Mandelring 3d printed Mathematical Art Rings
The Mandelbulb - A three-dimensional analogue of the Mandelbrot set, invented by Daniel White and Paul Nylander at the end of 2009 - Be the among the first to wear one on your finger - Z > Z^2 + C - Made a real life object with the help of Mandelbulb 3D > Fiji > Meshlab > Netfabb > Shapeways - This ring looks great when printed in Transparent Detail - I will try to polish it to get more transparency but on the image it is raw direct from the printer. - Measured diameter printed in Frosted detail: 20mm
cm: 3.552 w x 0.866 d x 3.552 h
in: 1.398 w x 0.341 d x 1.398 h


  • Transparent Detail

    Firm translucent plastic with a smooth surface and rubbery feel.