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3D Auxetic (up 6x6x6)

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is a first attempt at making an "Auxetic" material. When compressed in the vertical direction, it shows the rather unusual behavior of contracting in the other two directions. If one assigned a Poisson number to the assembly, it would be negative. You could consider this a "mechanical metamaterial". See Wikipedia for more information: Thanks to my friend Greg for introducing me to Auxetics.


Technical Note: Lots can be improved going from this first try:
- compression in x/y leads to buckling: try introducing double parallel horizontal linkages to avoid
- actually, a 3x3x3 unit (or whatever one can afford) would be cool, and might also help with the buckling
- at maximum compression, the 4 hinges meet and interfere much less elegant than desired


IN: 3.595 w x 3.595 d x 3.595 h
CM: 9.132 w x 9.132 d x 2.3 h