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Roleplaying/Wargaming Pawns: 5

Roleplaying/Wargaming Pawns: 5 3d printed Figurines Board games Battle is joined!
Battle is joined!
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  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Sure, it's great to have a figurine shaped like an orc when it's time to fight orcs, and goblins when it's time to fight goblins. But the problem with orcs and goblins is there's so many of them, and they all look the same. You need a way to keep track of which one is which. So sometimes the best thing to have is simple pawns that indicate clearly whose side they're on (by color), and which one is which (by number). This is a set of numbered pawns designed for that purpose, to a scale to fit well with standard roleplaying and wargaming figurines. (I have a lettered set as well, which I'll upload if there's enough interest.) Download Model


IN: 0.787 w x 0.787 d x 0.787 h
CM: 2 w x 2 d x 2.5 h