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Dioryg Pi/3

Dioryg Pi/3 3d printed Accessories Mathematical Art Blender cycle render.
Blender cycle render.
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


An amazing soft, yet complex, surface: a pseudo-gyroid surface is inverted through a sphere and restricted to an ellipsoid. This gyroid transformation has been proposed by user "schmiegel" in K3dSurf forums and reused by various people around the world. This version uses an inversion origin shifted by pi/3 on all axis. It's related to the Zero and pi/4 versions (similar to the Rygo) but the top and bottom are asymetric.

You can have a look to all the versions of inverted gyroids and start a collection:

This 3D model design is optimized for price. The whole design has been achieved entirely using open source software.


IN: 3.004 w x 3.004 d x 3.004 h
CM: 7.63 w x 7.516 d x 10.314 h