Crazyflie Nano Cam Holder

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Crazyflie NanoCam Holder Designed to work with the nano cam from FPV hobby in conjunction with the wide angle lens. The holder uses the four holes on the crazyflie PCB corners to hold the frame tightly in place. Inserting the pins can be tricky and they might break if one does not push them in straight. The frame is firmly attached once all the pins are plugged in. The frame can be removed and reattached multiple times, but due to the small size of the hole doing so too often might reduce the force required to remove the frame. The camera is attached by jamming itself between the wide angle lens and the camera body. This allows the camera to sit firmly in place and keeps the lens from accidentally defocusing. As every camera/lens combo is slightly different, the pin that pushes against the lens is 1mm too long, so you will need to file it down to the length required to keep your camera in focus. Not tested the black material.


IN: 1.456 w x 1.456 d x 1.456 h
CM: 3.698 w x 3.698 d x 1.92 h