Lock Pad Key Rack

Lock Pad Key Rack 3d printed Accessories Accessories
This iconic key rack was designed to look like a lock pad. Powered by neodymium magnets, this clever key rack can hold up to three key sets. The keys actually look as if they are floating. Featuring an easy-to-hang nail holder in the back, the design also allows you to remove the back cover. The inside of the lockpad can be used to stash away those spare keys or other goodies. This three-part design was printed on a Replicator 2 in. Assembled is very easy. I glued 10 neodymium magnets (6mm x 1.5mm) to the cavities. 2 in each cavity at the bottom for more strength. The black cover snaps perfectly on to the front. The loop simply snaps into the top of the front cover.
cm: 6 w x 7.7 d x 1.3 h
in: 2.362 w x 3.031 d x 0.512 h


  • Satin Black Ceramics

    Muted black ceramic with a matte, smooth finish. Food-safe.


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