GoPro Hero2 Skeleton Case With Shade and No Mount

GoPro Hero2 Skeleton Case With Shade and No Mount 3d printed Cases Maker/DIY
GoPro Hero2 skeleton design is meant to work with the GoPro Hero2. It is not intended for the other GoPro models. All connection ports, SD card, buttons, and battery are accessible without the need to remove the case. The material for this print needs to be the Strong & Flexible because it needs to flex while inserting the GoPro into the case. The sunshade allows for protection of the lens while slightly improving the picture quality in certain lighting conditions. It will work on the wide filming setting. This case has been tested with my GoPro Hero2. This is the case version that does not have a mount. Keep in mind that when using the GoPro to take photos with this case, the hood is visible in the picture. If filming in anything other than 16:9, you will see the hood.
cm: 6.984 w x 4.94 d x 5.398 h
in: 2.75 w x 1.945 d x 2.125 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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