GWR shunters truck (N Gauge)

GWR shunters truck (N Gauge) 3d printed Model trains

GWR Shunters Truck

Found all over the GWR and ex GWR network these short wagons were used to hold the tools and equipment for shunting work. They lasted into British Rail days and several have been preserved.

This kit is designed to use a modified Peco brake van chassis to provide a quick and very cheap way to produce this wagon. Cut the chassis in half and then shorten the pieces until they fit nicely with the coupling pockets aligned with the floor. Fit the couplings into the pockets and then glue the two halves to the floor keeping the glue clear of the couplers. Evostick provides a good glue for this. Paint the wagon body, solebars and toolbox a dull grey. In some cases the toolbox was black. Paint the are below the solebar in black.

Small holes are provided so that you can fit wire or microstrip side rails if desired (3D printing them is too fragile)

cm: 1.55 w x 2.772 d x 1.024 h
in: 0.61 w x 1.091 d x 0.403 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.