Simple GWR style shunters truck example

Simple GWR style shunters truck example 3d printed Model trains

A shunters truck wagon example for people to hack on

Fits a shortened Peco brake van chassis (Saw the middle bit out and glue the rest to the floor)

This is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA: that is you can download it, change it and share and distribute your changes non commercially, but you can't stop anyone else doing likewise with the changed version.

Tip: much of the cost of a small wagon is the per model printing charge. If you want to print several wagons at once put them into the same file and do them as one job.

cm: 1.75 w x 0.69 d x 2.8 h
in: 0.689 w x 0.272 d x 1.102 h


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