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Lucky Golden Poo Cufflinks

  • Polished Gold Steel

    Enrobed in 24k gold and polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.


Japan has the most kawaii fad of using golden turd charms as symbols of good luck, and here is your chance to get one for yourself. These tiny charms are plated with real gold, and come either in a plain model, earrings (1.5mm hole), pendant (3.5mm hoop), or cufflinks.

The pendant and earrings do not come with a chain or hook, they only include the poopy part. They can also be used as dangling cellphone charms.

Some history: The Golden Poo is known as "Kin no Unko", which is a play on words using the Japanese word "unko" (poop), that has the sound "oon," which happens to mean "luck." The golden poo is also known as "Gold Unchi."


IN: 1.29 w x 1.29 d x 1.29 h
CM: 3.276 w x 1.34 d x 2.816 h